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'All About Home Care is almost too good to be true'

'All About Home Care is almost too good to be true'

'I previously worked for a company which was providing 15-minute visits, which was just enough time to give someone their tablets, sign the book and then leave to get to the next appointment. You become a carer because you care about people, and I didn't like that I was rushing in and rushing out and didn't have time to care at all.

A former colleague told me about All About Home Care. I was cynical because I didn't believe that anywhere would be that different, but they are absolutely amazing. I couldn't believe how different they are from other companies. Basically, they really care about their staff, because if they look after their staff properly, the staff look after the clients properly. I am proud to work for this company and I recommend them to everyone: to people looking for care for mum or dad, and to carers who want a good company to work for. It's almost too good to be true.

The hourly rate is good, the mileage is good, you get allocated the same clients so you can get to know them and the routes you work are sensible and thought through. Everything gets acted on straight way; I can raise anything that I think needs to be addressed and I will be listened to. My previous company would change your appointments without telling you; you'd look at your phone to double check your next visit to discover that they'd changed it without even letting you know. All About Home Care always discuss things with you first, and they always answer the phone or texts and deal with any queries you have straight away, whether the office is open or not. The training is good; the care manager books it and slots into your rotas so it is always carried out on time.

The minimum visits are one hour, which is great as you can give the clients real quality care. You don't have to keep looking at your watch thinking: 'I have to get you out of the shower now. OK, we've got to get this food down you quickly. I haven't got time to chat.' If the client wants to sit for 10 minutes and talk, you can. You have time to get them washed and dressed at their pace; everything that needs to get done, gets done without rushing – and you have time to do all the little things that make so much difference to them. You can leave knowing that you have made that person's life a little bit better. It's horrible that so many companies make you rush people, especially when they are elderly; everyone should have the level of care provided by All About Home Care.

My clients are all lovely. We stick with the same clients; a lot of them have got dementia, so it helps for them to see familiar faces and for us to get to know them and the routines they feel comfortable with. They are also really appreciative of what we do – I am always getting thanks and hugs! Their families are also lovely as well; we get to know them and work together as a team to make sure their loved one's needs are addressed properly.'

We're looking for outstanding carers to join our wonderful team.

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