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Specialst Care Services

Specialist Care Needs

At All About Home Care, we recognise that the most appropriate care for someone that will make the greatest difference to their well-being and quality of life may depend on that person’s situation and the condition(s) they are living with.

The we provide home care may need to include additional elements that takes into account the nature of their circumstances. This may require us, at a minimum, to brief our team of carers on the background and plan carefully how we deliver the care as a consequence. It also may require us to provide our carers with specialist training so they have the understanding of what needs to be done.

Additionally, we realise that home care may only be one part of a broader package of support which may also include community medicine and nursing support, input from specialist therapists, and involvement of other community organisations, such as specialist day centres or members of the hospice movement. We pride ourselves on how we cooperate with these other care providers so our clients receive better, more integrated support.

For some conditions, such as dementia care and care for those living with neurological conditions we have developed distinct approaches, including partnering with specialists to supplement our own skills and capabilities.
For other conditions and situations requiring specialist care, we may well have experience or, if not, are more than happy to investigate the requirements, and discuss this with you.  Please give us a call and we will be happy to discuss things with you.