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Alzheimer's & Dementia Care

Living well with Dementia

All About Home Care takes a thorough approach to support clients with dementia, respecting the person they still are, their dignity, abilities and feelings. We also understand how dementia affects the rest of the family.

Understanding as much background information as possible about an individual client, their personal history and interests, and their current situation is critical to step inside their shoes and understand their personal experience.

With this insight we tailor the care so it is personal and maximises the independence, choice and well-being of the individual.

We also recognise the strain that living with someone with dementia can place on loved ones and can provide training to help them understand the experience of living with dementia. This better understanding and regular communication helps everyone involved.

Small changes in the home may help. From putting simple signs on doors, e.g. for the loo or to making things easy to find in the kitchen, can make life easier.

Having carers with specialist training and understanding of dementia care provide the support is clearly important. All of our carers receive specialist dementia care training designed by the Alzheimer’s Society.

Taken together, with our REACH framework, this comprehensive approach enables personalised care and companionship to be provided in the familiar and comfortable surroundings of home.