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Why Choose Us?

Professionally Delivered

A key objective at All About Home Care is making sure we pass the ‘Mum test’: “Is this service good enough for my Mum or someone I love to use?”

Delivering such reliable high quality care is only possible with a service underpinned by sound ethics and professionalism. All About Home Care is built on such foundations:


  • Registered and inspected by the Care Quality Commission.

  • Operating to the highest professional standards, including the codes of conduct of the United Kingdom Home Care Association and Skills for Care.

  • Employing carefully selected, vetted and supervised staff.

  • Investing in the ongoing training and professional development of our carers.

  • Working with leading organisations, such as charities and universities, to ensure our service reflects the latest research and best practices.

  • Using leading care planning and management systems and robust processes and procedures.