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Alzheimer's & Dementia Care

Dementia Care Framework

Dementia is a progressive condition that people usually live with for many years. Providing holistic care and support is therefore vital for individuals to live as well as possible over this period.

All About Home Care’s unique person centred approach provides a framework to step inside the world of the person with dementia, reach them once again, and enhance their well being and enjoyment of life.

The REACH framework aims to help loved ones, friends and carers support the individual to live well with their condition.

R – Reminisce. The most widely recognised characteristic of someone living with dementia is impairment of the memory recent events. Reminiscing about their favourite music, photographs, hobbies and stories from the past can all provide stimuli that reconnect the person to their functioning memory, reigniting the person inside.

E – Emotional engagement. People living with dementia often struggle to find the words to express themselves and may feel frustrated or upset. Giving the person time and attention, and engaging with them in their world helps create a calmer emotional state.

A – Activity. Keeping mentally and physically active supports their overall health and well-being. Activities that they may have enjoyed earlier in life can be the inspiration for today. It is not uncommon to see activities such as bridge, billiards or singing still enjoyed by people living with dementia.

C – Community.  The Alzheimer’s Society reports that 44% of people living with dementia do not feel part of their community. Community involvement and social interaction is key to us all. Proactively helping those living with dementia to continue to engage in community events from clubs, to church or local theatre is important for their emotional wellbeing.

H – Healthy living. The communication, memory, sensory and organisational challenges that come with dementia mean that health, nutrition and personal care are areas where help may be needed. Assistance with medication, adjusting choices of food to suit changing senses of smell and taste, and maintaining privacy and dignity in personal care are examples of support for their health and well-being.

This comprehensive approach ensures the highest quality personalised care and support can be provided for those living with dementia to live safely and enjoyably in the comfort of their own homes.