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Client Feedback

Thank you so so much for spending your valuable time helping me this morning.

I cannot tell you how very grateful I am for your care knowledge and experience.

With all best wishes

Sharon, step-daughter

All went very well, thank you, all your staff were a delight.

I hope we will be able to use your care services again. Kind regards

Peter, son

I cannot thank the team at All About Home Care enough for their help in caring for my mother. She was unwell and, combined with the medication prescribed to cure her, was totally “knocked her for six”.

She fell several times, had two visits from the paramedics and lost her usual confidence and determination. I called All About Home Care at 3pm on Friday to see if they could help. Just over an hour later, they met me with my mother at her home to discuss the best way to support her.

They really got to know her and what was going to be important during her recovery. When we parted an hour later, we were reassured, knowing Mum would be safe and that she would be helped to start the day well each morning.

The care started on the Sunday, and, for the next week until Mum had fully recovered, the same lovely carer arrived at 08.15 to help her get ready for the day.

Throughout the week it was noticeable how Mum’s sense of humour and confidence progressively returned. If you are looking for someone to help you, or someone close to you, at home, I highly recommend All About Home Care for their responsiveness, calm, reassurance and, most importantly, for their care.

Angela, daughter

Following my wife's fall, it was going to be impossible for me personally to continue caring for her at home as she also had Alzheimer's and physical difficulties.

Determined to get her home from hospital, I contacted All About Home Care to arrange a meeting. It was a very friendly discussion to decide a program of care to suit my wife's needs (and mine), for I was not prepared to have lots of different people in my home at times that were only convenient for them.

When my wife was able to come home, she was greeted with delight by me and my new team of carers. The care provided was at all times brilliant, kindness personified, dignity and hygiene always and everything I wanted, plus a genuine love for her. Please do talk to All About Home Care if you have a care at home concern.

Nigel, husband

This is one big thank you. Our gratitude to you all for all the care you gave to my husband is more than I can say. Without the expertise that each person gave the last few months could have been so different.

It was always a pleasure to see “my angels”, his regular carers from the start, and I miss their lovely smiles and cheery welcome to us both.

My sons and all the family wish your work continues to flourish and I have said that if ever I am in need of home care, they know which number to ring! With every good wish to everyone at All About Home Care.

Sylvia, wife

Thank you for all you have done for me.

Ann, client

All About Home Care has been involved with the care of one of our elderly and vulnerable clients for several months now and I have been very impressed by the service that has been provided.

Their policy of a minimum one hour visit ensures that there is sufficient time for the carer to attend to the needs of the client, without the feeling of being rushed or under pressure.

When someone is coming into your home and performing personal care it is important that a rapport is built up with the carers and a level of trust is built.

All About Home Care have ensured that, for the more than 20 hours per week, there are 3-4 regular carers for this continuity of care and only in exceptional circumstances has an alternative carer needed to attend. I am very pleased with the level of service provided by All About Home Care.

Edward Walter, solicitor, Buss Murton Law LLP

All About Home Care came into our lives when we were as a family really struggling. Our father aged 92 had severe mobility problems and had been recently diagnosed with frontal temporal dementia.

He was living at home with our mother who also has significant memory impairment. We had been using another very well-known firm of carers, but they could not manage our father’s needs and relations were at an all-time low.

They were like a breath of fresh air, the care and thought that went into our father’s care plan went far beyond meeting his physical needs. They had many ideas of how to stimulate and interest him, as well as looking after his care needs.

The carers were absolutely wonderful, each and every one of them. He had one or two main carers that came morning and evening, and as his needs increased we met a few more faces, but never a stranger. This was important, not only for Dad but also for our mother. After a spell in hospital, he became confined to bed and for three months this wonderful team called in four times a day, providing truly exemplary care.

They made it possible for our father to pass away at home, surrounded by his family right to the end.

Linda, Sue and Vicky, daughters