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Neurological Conditions Care

Neurological Care & Re-ablement

Maximising your physical and cognitive abilities and providing psychological support helps maintain independence, confidence and motivation, good for both your physical and emotional well being. All About Home Care’s integrated neurological care and re-ablement approach specifically provides care and support to enhance the impact of therapeutic input.

Depending on your needs, we will work with our specialist therapy partners, Neuro Rehabilitation Kent, to assess your specific requirements and put in place the right care and support plan. This enables you to set goals for yourself and to have the best prospect of achieving them. The multidisciplinary team’s practical input can have several different elements:


  • Neurological Therapy: Specialist neuro-therapy support in your own home, treating problems resulting from damage or disease of the nervous system. This hands-on input includes physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech and language therapy.

  • Rehabilitation and Re-ablement Support: Help at home with exercise programmes or with developing more efficient movement patterns, including support to learn new and different ways of doing things, such as dressing or moving with mobility aids. We provide relevant advice on lifestyle and on equipment, and signpost other services and relevant local support groups and facilities. 

  • Well being and Personal Care: Support with key activities of daily living, such as personal care, reinforcing your physical abilities and re-ablement goals. We can also include help with medication or meal preparation.

  • Social and Companionship Support: Help you stay in touch with your interests, friends and community, keeping you socially active and positive, and encouraging you on your journey. You can participate in hobbies and activities at home or in the community, go out shopping or have help and company organising and attending diary appointments.

  • Independent Living: Assistance with domestic tasks and errands to keep your home running smoothly. This can include washing up, ironing, laundry, light cleaning, shopping, reordering and collecting medication, as well as moving safely around the house.

This integrated approach ensures the highest quality personalised care and support to maximise your independence in the comfort of your own home.