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‘I have the support I need to feel like I am doing a good job’

Something we pride ourselves on at All About Home Care is our excellent carers and the friendly atmosphere we provide for them. This is something that one of our staff members, Sarah, was drawn to when she joined us.  

Seeing Sarah not only enjoy her job so much but also grow and progress into a new role has brought a smile to our faces. It's lovely to know that we're not just making a difference to our clients in Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Sevenoaks and the surrounding areas, but also to the staff that do such an amazing job for us and our clients.

"I have worked in the care sector for eight years and when I went for my interview with all About Home Care it was obvious that the management are very open and approachable; I felt I could talk to them about anything straight away. I like working in a friendly atmosphere, and All About Home Care is a really friendly team. The management is really supportive, always there to help the carers, who work as a team. If there's a problem with a client we report it to the management, who decide what the right solution is, keeping us in the loop about what is happening. It's good to know that when we report things, they are acted on – you feel like things are being done. The procedures are also good, so the team of carers can provide proper continuity of care; you can see what the person before you did and what you need to do next for the client.

I first got the job with All About Home Care as a carer, but we have lots of regular training and there is real progression in my job – I'm now care coordinator. Since joining All About Home Care, they've helped me to get a whole host of relevant qualifications. I've got my NVQ Level 2, as well as an opportunity to train at the Hospice in the Weald to do the Level 3 End of Life course. I've also done my mandatory training, but I've progressed from that and recently completed my NVQ Level 3. I've just started my Level 2 medical training as well! It's great that All About Home Care give you loads of training and all of these opportunities, particularly through their links with the Hospice; it's useful and it's a chance to progress.

My job role has changed now; it's good because I'm out caring and doing what I enjoy, but I'm also in the office, doing my bit there and learning as I go every single day. I have a bit more responsibility now, such as carrying out risk assessments, preparing the rotas and schedules, keeping care documents up to date, sorting out the care plans and much more.

I love that every day is different; I am an independent person, so I like working on my own, but with the support I need from the management. I like learning new things, gaining new experience and growing in confidence. If I am out with a client and am not sure about things, I can always call my manager and she always answers – she is always on hand to guide you. In other places I've worked, after 5 o'clock the manager's phone is off and they don't want to know, but here it's different.

The clients are also all lovely. Caring is a valuable job; at the end of the day I feel like I have done something worthwhile. Even if it's just being with a client for an hour and talking to them, I feel like I have made a positive impact on their life. It's the little things that mean a lot to someone; you do something small like getting them something from the shops if they can't get out and it makes them feel blessed, but it also makes you feel good because you've done a good deed!"

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